What is physical fitness?


Fitness The ability of your body systems and organs to function together effectively to enable you to live a healthy life. Efficiency is the ability to do daily tasks with minimal effort. A fit person can do schoolwork and take care of their home while still having enough energy for sport and other leisure activities. A fit person can handle normal tasks such as raking leaves, stocking shelves at a job or marching in the school’s band. Fit people can also react to emergencies, such as running to help someone in need or helping them.

Physical fitness: the parts

Physical fitness comprises 11 components – 6 are health-related, and 5 are skill related. Body composition, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Flexibility, muscular endurance, Power And Strength. Each part is important for good performance in physical activity, such as sports. The 6 parts contribute to Physical fitness and health Because kinesiologists have proven that they can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases and promote good health. These are the most important parts of fitness. They can also be used to help you perform your daily tasks more effectively.

As the name suggests, Skill-related physical fitness You can perform well in motor activities and sports with components. You can use components to help you perform in sports, such as Speed. It will help you compete in track and field. These five components of fitness can also be linked to health, but less than the health-related ones. For example, among older adults, Balance, AgilityAnd Coordinating are vital for preventing falls, which is a serious health concern. Reaction time This is related to the risk of automobile accidents. Each component of physical fitness can be described in detail in the following two features: The Six Parts of Health-Related Fitness (the Sixth Part) and The Five Parts of Skill-Related Fitness (the Five Parts).

Physical fitness for health-related physical fitness

Consider a runner. She is likely to run for long distances without getting tired, so she is probably a runner. Is she able to exercise in all six areas? Although running is a great form of exercise, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be fit in all areas of your health-related physical fitness. You may be stronger in certain fitness areas than others, just like the runner. The Six Parts of Health-Related Fitness explains each part and gives an example. Ask yourself how to fit you feel in each area as you read through the information.

Fit Fact

Power, which was once considered a skill-related fitness component, has been reclassified as a part of a healthy lifestyle. An independent Institute of Medicine report demonstrated the link between physical strength and health. According to the report, power is linked with better health, wellness, quality of life and lower risk of developing chronic diseases and early death. Children and teens can have healthy bones by consuming power and engaging in activities that increase their power.

What do you think your fitness levels are concerning each of these six areas? You must be physically fit to be healthy. People who are fit and healthy are less likely to get sick. Hypokinetic condition – A health problem partly caused by inactivities, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and colon cancer.Body fat. In other chapters, you’ll find out more about hypokinetic disorders. A person who is physically fit has a better chance of being healthy. People who are physically fit feel healthier, have more energy and look better. To enjoy good health, wellness, and physical fitness, you don’t need to be an athlete. Regular exercise can help improve any person’s physical fitness and health.

Skill-related physical fitness

The runner in the example above may not score high in all aspects of her health-related fitness. She may also not have the same skill-related fitness rating. Although most sports require various skills-related fitness components, some sports require specific parts. A skater may have great agility but slow reaction times. Some people have greater natural abilities in certain areas than others. You can still enjoy any exercise, regardless of how skilled you are in the skill-related aspects of physical fitness.

It is important to remember that being skilled in physical fitness does not guarantee good health. You can enjoy it by engaging in activities that improve your physical fitness and health.

Health-related fitness has a double advantage, as we have already mentioned. This not only keeps you healthy, but it also improves your performance in sports and other activities. For example, Cardiorespiratory endurance helps you avoid heart disease and improve your performance in cross-country running and swimming. Strength is essential for sports like football and wrestling. Muscular endurance is crucial in tennis and soccer. Flexibility helps in gymnastics and diving. Body fat helps your body be more efficient in many activities.


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