What is Functional Fitness?


Ask yourself how your upcoming workout will benefit you next time you go to the gym. Do you want to be more fit, look better or carry heavy shopping bags for long distances without stopping? The farmer’s walk is a great option if you are aiming for the former.

Functional training is supposed to prepare the body for everyday situations. Who doesn’t want to be more adept at carrying shopping bags? F45 gyms offer HIIT classes for 45 minutes using functional exercises. The F stands for functional, so where better to learn about the benefits of functional fitness. Cameron Tew is the head trainer at Paddington.

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a way to mimic everyday activities and incorporate multiple muscle groups at once. This improves strength, stability, and mobility throughout the body. It also makes us more efficient outside the gym.

What exercises do you mean? How can they be used in real life?

The deadlift activates your pulling muscles. It is extremely practical as it replicates everyday movements such as picking up things and placing them down. This helps reduce injury risk while performing these movements at home or work.

Pull-ups are great because they activate multiple muscle groups in our upper body simultaneously. These exercises help people become more comfortable with their body weight and improve grip strength.

The majority of people’s day consists of sitting down and standing. This includes your desk, lunch, transport, and your sofa. You will be more efficient in your everyday movements if you frequent squats.

Do you think working out on your functional fitness is a good way to lose weight, build muscle, or cross-train for specific sports?

All of the above! Functional fitness is beneficial for anyone, regardless of their fitness goals. Functional fitness can help you build lean muscle or lose weight if that is your goal. Professional athletes will use it for conditioning, adding a holistic aspect to their highly-targeted training programs.

Do you think it’s a good idea to do the first functional exercise under supervision if you are a beginner?

It is best to be taught the basics of any exercise. There are only a few key points that you should focus on for most movements. This will reduce your risk of injury. It is easy to perform functional training yourself once you have learned these points. You can focus on exercises to reduce injury risk.

What are the advantages of learning in a group instead of solo?

It is safer to do it in a class such as F45 because you can see the experienced PTs at the front and provide the instructions to perform the exercises safely.

You should be motivated by your PTs, too. However, one of the main draws of group training is the encouragement you get from those around you who push themselves and encourage you to go beyond your limits. People also find group exercise more enjoyable than doing it alone. Let’s face it, and it can be boring.

Functional HIIT Workout for 15 Minutes

Tew says, “This 15-minute HIIT session will leave your entire body burning.”

It would be best to run through each of the five exercises one at a time, trying to do as many reps as possible during the work period. You should do three rounds.

Rounds 3 Time 45sec Rest 15sec

Jump squat

Standing in a straight line, drop to a squat position to parallel your thighs with the ground. Then, jump into the air as high as you can, jumping as high and far as you can. Then, land softly and move on to the next rep.

Shoot-through at the lateral

With your arms extended, your legs straightened, and your feet apart, you will be in a press-up position. One hand should be lifted, and the other leg should be moved under your body until it reaches the side. Next, return to the press-up position. Repeat with the other limbs.

Tuck Jump Burpee

Regular burpees would be too difficult. Standing, lower your feet and press your feet into a press-up position. Perform a press-up and then raise your feet to the sky. Next, jump up straight into a tuck jump by bringing your knees to your chest. Start slowly, and then move on to the next rep.

Plank jack

Place your feet flat on the floor and place your hands in a plank. Supported by your forearms and your toes, you will be able to support yourself. Jump your feet to the sides, then back together. Keep your core straight and your body straight while bracing your core.

Frog squat

Stand slightly wider than your shoulders apart, and place your feet on the ground. To touch the floor with your hands, you should drop into a deep squat. Your body should look almost like a frog. Next, push yourself up to a standing place.


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