What does it mean to be physically fit?



Physical fitness is determined by how healthy a person is.

These components can be used to help you get fit.

  • Cardio respiratory fitness
  • Muscle strength
  • muscular endurance
  • Body composition
  • Flexibility

These components will be examined in detail in the sections below.

Respiratory performance

During exercise, the body’s ability to supply fuel through its circulatory and respiratory systems is called cardio respiratory endurance.

Cardio respiratory endurance activities increase heart rate for a prolonged period.

These activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Walking fast
  • jogging
  • Cycling

Regularly engaging in these activities is more likely Trusted Source to be physically fit. These activities should be started slowly and intensified over time.

Exercise can increase cardio respiratory endurance in many ways. The heart muscle is stronger and can pump more blood per beat.

Additionally, small arteries also grow within muscle tissue to deliver blood more efficiently to the working muscles.

Exercise has a positive impact on your heart health.

Persistent training can improve the efficiency of your heart. Recent research has shown that different activities can have subtly different effects on the heart.

Although all types of exercise can increase the heart size, there are important differences between Trusted Source among endurance athletes like rowers and strength athletes like football players.

Endurance athletes have larger left and right ventricles. Strength athletes have thickened heart walls, especially the left ventricle.

Exercise and lung health: How do they change?

The heart can strengthen over time, but the respiratory system doesn’t change as much. Although the lung size doesn’t change, the lungs use oxygen better-Trusted Source.

Exercise encourages the body to take on, distribute, and use oxygen more efficiently. This improves endurance and overall health over time.

Cardio respiratory fitness has many health benefits.

Cardio respiratory fitness can be used to lower the risk of many conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • stroke

Muscular strength

There are many ways you can measure your muscular strength. The best way to measure muscular strength is to lift a certain weight and compare the results with any other population.

A person’s strength will generally increase if they exercise their muscles regularly and consistently.

You can put your muscles through various activities, but any activity that makes a muscle tired will increase its strength.

Exercise can alter muscle structure.

Muscles are made up of long muscle cells. Each muscle cell comprises Trusted Source contractile protein, myosin and actin. These proteins give strength to the muscle.

These fibres become stronger together and produce the power stroke. The number of units that contract in unison determines the total force.

A person must exercise regularly and eat enough protein to build muscle.

Although scientists don’t know the precise mechanism behind muscle building, the principles are well-known. Training causes muscle cells Trusted Source to expand and increases myosin and actin production.

Untrained muscles can also cause fibres to fire in an synchronized manner. They don’t fire in unison, so they are not firing in sync. However, when trained together, they can learn to fire in unison, increasing their power output.

Muscular endurance

Muscular endurance is another aspect of fitness. It’s the ability to exert force continuously without fatigue.

Strength training, as we have already mentioned, builds larger muscles. However, endurance training does not always produce larger muscles.

The body is more concerned with the cardiovascular system and ensuring that muscles get the oxygenated blood they require to continue functioning.

A third important change that can be made in muscle to increase endurance is the slow-twitch and fast-twitchTrustedSource fibres.

The fibres of fast-twitch contract rapidly but become tired very quickly. They are great for sprinting and require a lot of energy. They are thin and bluish because they don’t require blood to function.

Because they can carry out tasks with minimal fatigue, slow-twitch fibres work best for endurance. They are found in the core muscles. They are red because they depend on oxygenated blood and have hemoglobin stores.

Different exercises promote slow-twitch, fast-twitch, or both. A sprinter will have faster twitch fibers than a long-distance runner but slower twitch fibers.

Body composition

The body composition is the ratio of muscle, bone and water to fat.

One person could maintain the same body weight but drastically alter all the parts that make up their body.

People with more muscle (lean muscle) might be heavier than people who are the same height or have a smaller waist circumference.

How is body composition calculated?

There are many methods trusted Sources to calculate body composition. A doctor may measure body fat with tools like callipers or bioelectrical impedance analysis to identify fat cells.


Flexibility refers to the range of movement through a joint.

Flexibility is essential because it helps prevent injuries and improves the ability of movements to be linked together. Flexibility is unique to each joint. It depends on many variables, such as the tightness of ligaments or tendons.

Flexibility can be increased by engaging in various activities that stretch the ligaments and joints.

Three types of stretches are common to increase flexibility rested Source.

  • Dynamic stretching This refers to the ability to perform a full range motion in a specific joint. This type of stretch is used in warmup exercises to prepare the body for any physical activity.
  • Static active stretching: Holding the body or part in a stretched position and holding it for a time. The splits are an example of static-active stretching.
  • Ballistic stretching It is best to engage in ballistic stretching after your body has warmed up from exercise. It involves bouncing and stretching in various positions.

There are many ways to increase flexibility. A daily stretching program can be the best way to improve flexibility throughout your body.


Fitness can mean different things to different people.

It is important to remember that any exercise can benefit your health. They will feel and look better if they exercise regularly.


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