Top 30 Female Fitness Models List For 2022


There are literally so many amazing female fitness models out there that we couldn’t possibly include everyone on our list. However, we did find among the most popular and influential women currently (but don’t be mad if your favorite wasn’t included).

These hotties are totally doing their thing and all have pretty big followings on Instagram/social media. So, here’s our list of popular female fitness models (enjoy)!

Best Female Fitness Models in 2022

Table of Contents
  • 1. Kayla Itsines
  • 2. Sommer Ray
  • 3. Michelle Lewin
  • 4. Jen Selter
  • 5. Paige Hathaway
  • 6. Ana Cheri
  • 7. Anllela Sagra
  • 8. Eva Andressa
  • 9. Katya Elise Henry
  • 10. Karina Elle
  • 11. Emily Skye
  • 12. Anna Nystrom
  • 13. Bru Luccas
  • 14. Lauren Drain
  • 15. Gracyanne Barbosa
  • 16. Tammy Hembrow
  • 17. Amanda Lee
  • 18. Brooke Ence
  • 19. Heidi Somers
  • 20. Anna Victoria
  • 21. Aspen Rae
  • 22. Lauren Simpson
  • 23. Ashley Horner
  • 24. Ainsley Rodriguez
  • 25. Sonia Isaza
  • 26. Carriejune Anne Bowlby
  • 27. Whitney Johns
  • 28. Julia Gilas
  • 29. Krissy Cela
  • 30. Valentina Lequeux
  • Wrapping Up

1. Kayla Itsines

First up is Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines. This 28-year-old is also an author and entrepreneur who founded a series of fitness ebooks called Bikini Body Guides (BBG). She also created the app, Sweat with Kayla, which was the most successful fitness app of 2016.

Itsines is hugely popular on social media, boasting an impressive 12.5 million followers on Instagram. She was also named 30 most influential people on the Internet by Time’s, and identifies herself as Greek due to her family heritage.

Itsines is also certainly among the wealthiest fitness figures with over $60 million.


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2. Sommer Ray

An absolutely stunning fitness model from the U.S., this 23-year-old has found unparalleled success with 24.9 million Instagram followers to prove it. This tops our list for Instagram followers. She also owns a clothing brand (Sommer Ray Collection) and is getting more popular by the day.


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3. Michelle Lewin

If we’re talking about female fitness models then Michelle Lewin definitely belongs in the conversation. This gorgeous influencer definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to building a head-turning physique. Lewin started off working at a Venezuela clinic and probably never would have thought she’d blow up how she did.

Now she’s one of the most recognizable faces who has been on the cover of several high-profile fitness magazines including Sports & Fitness, Her Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man. She’s currently based in South Florida.

Oh… and you might remember the time she was bitten in the butt by a pig on the beach during a photoshoot.

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4. Jen Selter

Top female fitness model and internet celebrity Jen Selter is only 26 years old but she has made quite the name for herself. Her passion for fitness started in high school when she worked at the front desk of a gym. She found working out to be a way to relieve stress and before she knew it, she would pave the way for other social media influencers.

Selter apparently played a part in popularizing the “belfie” or butt selfie and her signature “Seltering” poses. She has also been featured in several publications such as Women’s Health, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, and Elite Daily.

Other notable accomplishments include being recognized as a top fitness influencer by Forbes in 2017. She’s also the co-owner for BlendJet (portable blenders) and founder of @couplegoals.


5. Paige Hathaway

Definitely one of the more popular female fitness models, Paige Hathaway began her journey in 2011. Hathaway is from Minnesota originally and has achieved such huge success over the years. Although, her childhood was rough dealing with the divorce of her parents and custody issues.

But she went on to do pretty well for herself, competing in Bikini, appearing in magazines, and raking in 7 figures a year, making her one of the highest-paid fitness models.


6. Ana Cheri

Besides having a very successful modeling career, Ana Cheri is also a gym owner, actress, and host with a following of 12.5 million on Instagram. Cheri was also a features Playmate model in 2015, citing the following about gym-spiration…

You have to start somewhere. If the gym seems intimidating, try an outdoor sport. Every little bit counts.”


7. Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra has a killer physique that she isn’t shy about showing off. Her figure has received a lot of attention from top names in the industry and before she became really popular, she was a fashion design student who would model (fashion) a few times per week.

But she became very serious about fitness and wanted to compete, of which she placed 3rd at her first competition. Sagra’s move to the US from Columbia was apparently the best move the 26-year-old made because it paid off big time!

Here’s an inspiring quote from the bio on her website…

In life there is no such thing as luck, there are only opportunities and it is your decision whether or not to take a chance on them. I decided to take it and risk everything, lose everything and just jump into the world of possibilities and the truth is that it was the best decision I ever made in my life.”


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8. Eva Andressa

It’s quite obvious Eva Andressa works her butt off to rock that type of body and she definitely deserves the recognition. Of course, she used to compete professionally which makes sense. Her most notable accomplishments include…

  • 2008 Brasil, Bodyfitness, 1st
  • 2009 Brazilian National champion, Bodyfitness

The 35-year-old Brazilian model has 5.6 million Instagram followers and really saw success after appearing on the celebrity TV show in Brasil – Programa do Jo. Andressa went on to have her own show in 2015 called Dica Fitness of which she interviews famous athletes.


9. Katya Elise Henry

Based in Miami, Florida, Katya Elise Henry has truly got it going on. She’s also a WBFF Pro as well as a trainer and model who has inspired and helped to transform so many people around the globe.

Here’s a piece of the bio from her website Workouts by Katya

“My journey started when I was at a place probably very similar to where you are right now. I knew how I wanted to look, and I knew that I really wanted to look like that, but I didn’t know where to start. Workouts By Katya was born out of my motivation to inspire and empower everyone to be their best. My vision is to provide you with the best workout programs and information to allow you to be your very best.

I was blessed with a Mom who is an amazing personal trainer, and a Dad who has always been involved in sports and weight training. Growing up, I was always active and generally fit. My childhood dream was to be a cheerleader, and I pursued this goal until it was achieved when I turned 18!

As I grew older, I started to develop an understanding of the way I wanted to look. My main sources of motivation came from my mom and sister, but also from myself. I know that my fitness journey will never stop – improvement is constant and never-ending!”


10. Karina Elle

Karina Elle is on every female fitness model crush list. She’s a former athlete and Bikini competitor having won the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship. The part Asian/part European model is known for her slender and athletic physique standing at 5’11 tall.

She found a ton of success in her 20’s and has become one of the most in-demand female fitness models. Elle also has her own website for training and inspiring.


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11. Emily Skye

Personal trainer and fitness model Emily Skye founded Emily Skye FIT which is the culmination of her years being involved in the industry. But she wanted to do more and now how an online program consisting of everything women need to be healthier and more FIT.

Emily Skye is also the co-founder of a cosmetics brand James cosmetics. And she’s currently expecting a baby boy…


12. Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is a health/fitness/lifestyle YouTuber from Sweden with 8.6 million followers on Instagram. She experienced a few setbacks while studying for design and fashion due to health issues. However, she was able to turn things around by learning about health and fitness which led to her becoming a personal trainer and the rest was history.

Nystrom developed a passion for social media and used those platforms to inspire so many people. She was also able to follow her passion for design and fashion by launching the workout clothing line Ryvelle® in 2018.


13. Bru Luccas

Brazilian model Bru Luccas went from McDonald’s worker to popular fitness figure and business owner. She’s also one half of a duo with her sister called Body & Sisters on Instagram. There’s no way she wouldn’t belong on this list


14. Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain has one of the most interesting stories out there that she turned into a book, and became a New York Times bestseller. She’s a Registered Nurse, personal trainer, and Bikini Pro who owns her own business. Despite her unfortunate early years where she was forced to conform to a cult, she’s done amazingly well and is happily married.


15. Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa is a Brazilian fitness model and Carnaval dancer who began her rise to stardom after financial issues led her to pursue dancing and modeling. She posed for Playboy Brazil in the February 2007 issue and then caught the attention of many after a video was shared of her squatting around 450 lbs.

The authenticity of the weights used was definitely in question but her popularity has risen substantially.


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16. Tammy Hembrow

Australian-born Tammy Hembrow most recently posted a pretty racy photo that caught the attention of the media. And she isn’t afraid to show what she has worked for. She’s a mother of two at age 26 and started her personal brand in 2015 and seeks to teach women how to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

Hembrow has 11.3 million Instagram followers and over 1 million YouTube subscribers.


17. Amanda Lee

Canadian fitness model Amanda Lee is admittedly shy, however, that hasn’t stopped her from making her presence known. She was very skinny in her younger years of which she despised but thanks to her mother who was a personal trainer, Lee was able to find herself and her passion.

She then rose to fame on Instagram after a famous dancer tagged her and before she knew, the followers and opportunities started to flood in.


18. Brooke Ence

A former top CrossFit competitor who placed 14th at the 2015 CrossFit Games, Brooke Ence is as impressive as they come. So much so in fact, that she has had some pretty good success with acting. Ence has had roles in the films Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), and Black Lightning (2018).

The Utah native was always athletic and competitive which seemed to really pay off. Ence said she was making a comeback to CrossFit competition in 2020 seeing how popular she is, that would be an exciting build-up for her and fans.


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19. Heidi Somers

Also known as BuffBunny, Heidi Somers is a fitness competitor and model. Somers wasn’t always fit… or healthy. In fact, when she lived in her home state of Alaska, she hit rock bottom due to relationships, her job, and her health habits.

So she relocated to Texas and became involved with CrossFit before transitioning into a focus on building up her physique of which she competed in the NPC. And by looks of things, she didn’t waste her potential.


20. Anna Victoria

Concluding our list, Anna Victoria began her fitness journey in 2012 with no knowledge of how to get fit and very little understanding of proper nutrition. She had some health problems which meant it was even more imperative for her to learn how to reverse this and become her healthiest. Fast forward to 2015 and she was changing lives which led to developing her Fit Body Guides and the Fit Body App.


21. Aspen Rae

Rae is an IFBB Figure Pro and a pilot, and her wanderlust leads her to many different parts of the world. Her perfect figure paired with picturesque landscapes makes her Instagram feed a treat for your eyes. What more? Rae is an adult actress. 


Before you head over to your favorite manly website, check out the next nine female fitness models on the list. 

22. Lauren Simpson

The Australian beauty went from being underweight to becoming a WBFF Pro Bikini model. Simpson’s Greek goddess-like physique will give you serious #WCW goals. If you routinely scroll through the internet for workout ideas, Simpson is a must-follow on Instagram.


23. Ashley Horner

Horner is one of the most badass female fitness models in the industry. She is known for her intense training programs and no-nonsense attitude. 

Although Horner was always into fitness, she started preparing for her first bodybuilding contest after her pregnancy. Given her grit and determination, it’s no surprise that she won her first content and many others after that. 


24. Ainsley Rodriguez

Ainsley Rodriguez started training in 2008 at the age of 16, and there has been no looking back ever since. It’d be safe to say that her smile earns her as many followers as her perfectly chiseled figure. 

To all the guys reading this — we have bad news. Rodriguez recently got engaged. Jokes aside, Team FitnessVolt wishes her the best for her future.


25. Sonia Isaza

The Colombian Instagram model began her fitness journey in her 20s after getting inspired by bikini models she saw in magazines. She moved to California in 2006 to pursue a career in the fitness industry. 

It wasn’t long after she started posting her transformation photos on the internet that she started getting noticed. Her hard work and dedication have led her to compete in pro bodybuilding shows like the Arnold Classic Australia. 


26. Carriejune Anne Bowlby

The New Jersey native started working out at home with basic equipment with the goal of competing in fitness shows. She has since become an online sensation and a motivation for her fans to achieve their dream physiques. 

“I got my first set of eight-pound weights and proceeded to have my mom buy me all of those workout equipment you see on the infomercials like shake weights, ab coasters, etc,” says Bowlby.


27. Whitney Johns

Whitney Johns, or Fit with Whit, as she is popularly known on Instagram, is one of the prettiest female fitness models on the list. Her drop-dead gorgeous looks combined with her in-depth knowledge of anything health and fitness-related make her an authority on the subjects.

Johns started training at the age of 16 and has competed in two different bodybuilding federations — WBFF and NPC. She took second place at the 2015 NPC Grand Prix.


28. Julia Gilas

The Ukrainian fitness model moved to the US at the age of 24 to make a career in the fitness industry. Gilas’ beautiful facial features and ripped core make her stand out on social media. She is admired by her fans for her incredible figure and her dedication to the fit lifestyle. 


29. Krissy Cela

Cella’s girl next door looks and a chiseled figure have earned her 2.8 million loyal followers on Instagram. She is arguably the bubbliest girl on the list, and her goofy photos and videos can help you get over a stressful day. 

Besides being a pleasure to look at, the female fitness model is a true fighter and inspiration for her fans. In late 2021, Cela was diagnosed with a breast lump — non-cancerous — that she defeated courageously. 


30. Valentina Lequeux

The Buenos Aires-born and Florida-raised Lequeux is one of the hottest female fitness models on social media. She started gaining traction on social media in 2016 after posting pictures of her fitness transformation online. She has since amassed 1.8 million followers on Instagram. 

“Make sure you have fun in everything you chose to do! And to the negative people, give them a nice back to watch!” — Valentina Lequeux


Wrapping Up

We truly hope you enjoyed our list of 20 popular female fitness models for 2020. Again, you may have a different opinion based on women who’ve inspired you. But we chose some big names that we know have accomplished a lot. And you never know, you might just find some new inspiration.


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