This functional workout will get you fit for life in just seven moves


Functional workouts have a practical purpose and focus on strengthening the muscles you use the most. They incorporate many of the most common daily movements, such as squatting and carrying heavy objects.

Emily Furey offers these full-body exercises, trainer on the TRUECONNECT fitness program. Her routines focus on seven types of movement: push, pull and squat. These movements are often called primal movements. However, the number of primal movements varies depending on who you ask.

Furey’s seven-week workout program includes seven exercises. Each round consists of seven seven-minute rounds. Frey says, “This program is for everybody.” “As a society, I believe we are so focused on exercise to improve our appearance that we often overlook the physiological. These seven primal movements will help you get fit for your life.

Furey walks us through an example session. For three rounds, perform the seven exercises and rest for 60-90 seconds.

1 Squat: Prisoner squat

Reps 10-15 Rest 0.

Keep your hands behind your head and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Next, push your knees in the same direction that your toes. Push up through your heels while keeping your hands on the top of your head. Engage your core by keeping your chest high, shoulders back, and shoulders back. Keep your toes pointed outwards and ensure that your knees don’t fall inwards when you move.

2 Lunge: Lateral lunge

Reps 10-15 for each side Rest 0.

Keep your feet apart from your hips and engage your core. One leg extends out in front of you. Bend your knee down to lower the other. Your knee should follow your toes. If your toes point outwards, your knee should also. It would be best if you didn’t bend the leg that isn’t working. Return to your starting position with both legs straight. Perform all reps on one side and then switch legs.

3 Bend: Floor press

Reps 10-15 Rest 0.

Place your feet on the floor and sit down. Place both your hands on the ground and lean over to one side. To return to an upright standing position, push the floor away. When laying on your back, continue to work through the chest. The rest of the body should remain as still as possible.

4 Twist: Lateral Shoot-through

Reps 10-15 Rest 0.

Begin by lowering your knees to the floor. Keep your hips and core engaged. To turn to the other side, raise your hand from the ground towards the side you turn towards. Then, bring your opposite leg through that gap. Switch sides after each rep.

5 Push: Diamond press-up

Reps 10-15 Rest 0.

Your knees should be on the ground. Next, lean forwards and place your hands on it. Press the floor to lift your body. Your shoulders should be back, and your core should remain engaged throughout. Your back should be straight, your hips should align with your chest, and your head should align with the spine.

6 Pull: Dead bug

Reps 10-15 Rest 0.

Place your back on a tabletop and place your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Keep your head and shoulders above the ground. While your other arm is above your head, lower one leg so that it touches the floor. Return your arm and leg to their original position. Then, move the other arm and leg back to their starting position. You can alternate with each rep and continue moving smoothly and slowly.

7 Travel: Run

Reps 10-15 Rest 60-60sec

Short bursts can be done outdoors or on a treadmill. You should keep your chest high and core engaged while running. Also, maintain a good knee lift. You can also jog on the spot or raise your knees if space is a problem.


What is Functional Fitness?

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