Red Bumps on Back of Throat


Itchy bumps and pimples on the back of your throat can indicate irritation. These bumps can make swallowing difficult, and may be a sign of multiple conditions. This article will explain the causes, treatment, and recovery for these bumps in your throat.


An individual may experience irritation, difficulty swallowing particular substances, or trouble breathing.

* Throat pain

* Nasal blockage

Flu-like symptoms

* Abnormal voice changes


Some conditions can lead to bumps or pimples

* It is caused by excess mucus and tissue irritation in your throat. This is often associated with the flu. Cobblestone is easy to treat. You may experience some irritation.

*PHaryngitis: This is the most common cause of sore throats. It causes about 60% of all bumps in your throat. Pharyngitis can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections. Many people with chickenpox or other illnesses like chickenpox get it. Pharyngitis in children is more common than in adults because they are more susceptible to infection and have weaker immune systems.

* Malignancy: A lump at the back or side of your throat could be a sign that you have cancer. If the bumps or swelling in the throat spread to other parts of the body, the person could have cancer.


A doctor may perform a series of basic tests to diagnose the problem.

* Tongue and throat examination: The doctor will first use a tongue press or spatula to gently push down the tongue to inspect the mouth and throat. The doctor will then measure the size and color of the bumps to determine the cause.

* A blood test: Your doctor may request a test if the problem is severe. A blood test will be ordered by your doctor to determine the exact type of bacteria or virus causing the problem.

* Throat Culture: After a blood test confirms that the virus or bacteria responsible for the bumps has been identified, a throat culture is recommended. A throat culture is able to identify the bacteria or virus that caused the bumps. It often detects more common bacteria and viruses.


A diagnosis or test can help determine the severity of the problem.

Some white bumps. Bacterial or fungal infections may cause them.

Some red bumps: These bumps indicate viral infections.

Both blue and red bumps: A combination of yellow and red bumps could indicate oral herpes or thrush.

A lot of bumps could indicate a serious viral or bacterial infection. If the bumps have spread to the mouth and throat, they could be an indication of cancer.


Home remedies can treat most bumps on the back of your throat. These are some self treatment options.

Gargle your throat with warm salt water or lemon-juice

Honey for eating

Take painkillers like ibuprofen to ease pain

A doctor might use to treat a lump in the throat.

Prescription of antibiotics to treat a suspected bacterial infected

Recommend throat lozenge (strepsils), or hard candy

* Encourage high water intake and hot beverages

If the problem has a more serious nature or is part of something bigger like cancer or chickenpox the bumps will disappear after the main issue is resolved

Bumpy or reddened throats can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. If the throat is taken care of properly, these conditions will usually resolve in a few days. These conditions can be treated with honey, hot drinks, and water. Gargling warm saltwater or lemon juice can help. It is best to see a doctor immediately if the lumps persist or grow.


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