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How to listen to tv at life time fitness with audio fetch


After all the Halloween candy is gone, it’s time for Thanksgiving. The big turkey dinner with all the delicious desserts. Then comes the stress of Christmas preparations. What gift can you give Uncle George and Aunt Edna?

This time of year, there’s always food. There are brownies at every reception desk, triple-layer dip in the office’s kitchen, office parties, private parties, and Christmas dinner. Our client Lifetime Fitness knows that exercise is the best way of relieving stress. Exercise lowers stress hormones, increases your sleep quality, and improves your competence.

Listening to soothing music can help lower blood pressure and stress. You can watch your favorite sports team or sitcom on TV as a way to relax while on the elliptical. It’s also a good distraction from weight lifting sets. Watching sports can also be beneficial for your health. You can limit the time you work out by the length of the program.

Many national gyms have small TVs on their equipment – Stair Masters and ARC Trainer, spin machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and Stair Masters – so that members can view TV while they are using them. Members eventually move to the floor of the gym or to another machine. Then they have no choice but to either read closed captioning or listen to music using their own devices with earbuds. What happens if they want to see what’s being shown on the TV at the gym? They would still need to deal with the constant noise from everyone exercising around them, even if they turned it up.

AudioFetch is a gym streaming audio solution that was installed by Life Time Fitness members who wanted to find out how to watch TV at the fitness center. AudioFetch allows Life Time Fitness members to listen to and watch any television program they choose by simply tuning in through the AudioFetch app.

AudioFetch can broadcast up to 512 wireless audio options. The no-hassle app for your phone is easy to use. AudioFetch transmits audio via local WiFi so that members of Life Time Fitness clubs can listen to what they like wherever they are. Life Time Fitness can personalize the AudioFetch app so that it matches their branding. Include important promotions, ads, and specials which will enhance the experience for gym members and drive more sales.


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