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A gym membership can be a great investment in your fitness and health.

It can also be a huge waste of money.

You should think about your budget before you decide whether you want to join a gym, especially one like Life Time Fitness.

Life Time Fitness is it worth it? Here’s my opinion:

Life Time Fitness is a top-rated gym and health club in the country. Life Time Fitness is unrivaled in terms of equipment, amenities, and classes.

The price of the service can be very high, sometimes as high as $149.00 per month. Life Time may not be the best value for money, but it is certainly worth it.

Let’s now take a closer look at Life Time Fitness and the benefits and costs.

How much does Life Time Fitness cost?

Many people consider the cost of a gym membership a major deciding factor.

There are three options when it comes to deciding where you want to commit.

  • Planet Fitness and Crunch are budget-friendly clubs
  • LA Fitness, and many other mid-range gyms are available.
  • High-end health clubs and gyms

Life Time Fitness certainly falls within the high-end category.

Life Time Fitness Memberships start at $60-70 per month. This includes access to one local club and one member.

If you want to access all the clubs in your local area (will vary depending on where you live), and all Life Time Fitness locations nationwide, you can pay more per monthly.

You can also add on trainer consultations and access to higher-level amenities.

You could pay as high as $140 per monthly plus joining fees to be a Life Time member.

For the essentials, you can expect to pay $60-70 per mois on average, plus any fees.

You should always, always negotiate your gym membership for the best deal. Click here to see my guide. )

It may sound a bit steep.

However, it is very expensive.

Life Time Fitness Equipment, features & amenities

Okay, we all know that it is a bit pricey.

The question is not “How much does Life Time Fitness Cost?”

It’s, “Is Life Time Fitness worth it?”

Let’s answer that question by taking a look at what LTF has to say.


Most locations have the following equipment:

  • Numerous!
  • Well-maintained
  • And sometimes state-of-the art

You’ll be amazed at the variety of cardio machines, and there will also be fully-stocked weightlifting areas.

You can also find resistance machines, medicine balls and resistance bands.

Although it may not sound exciting at first glance, you’d be amazed at how often your local gym doesn’t stock what you need.

Many gyms are slapping on weight lifting equipment such as power racks and heavy dumbbells.

Also, you shouldn’t be worried about getting crowded at your favorite machine.


This is where Life Time shines its brightest.

There is no better selection.

You’ll find a full-calendar with:

  • Bootcamps
  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Barbell strength
  • Yoga/strength-mixed exercises
  • Barre
  • There are many more!

These classes are included in your membership. When we talk about value, it is important to consider what you may spend on these classes outside of the studios.

Pool & Spa

Life Time offers the best pools.

Yes, there will be a place to swim laps and burn calories.

You will also have access to an outdoor pool with a slide and splash pad.

That’s amazing! This is something that no other gym offers!

This is the place you want to bring your whole family along and spend a Saturday there.

Child Care

Life Time offers exceptional childcare (called Kids Academy).

  • Classes & curriculum
  • Spanish immersion
  • Structured play
  • Swim time
  • Fitness for kids
  • Tutoring
  • Babies need to have tummy time
  • Etc

While you exercise, your little ones will be safe and sound.

Other Amenities

Life Time offers many other benefits.


  • Personal training (check out what your membership covers)
  • Events
  • Basketball courts
  • Salons and full-service spas
  • There are many more

It’s not because I’m exaggerating, but this place is amazing.

It costs minimum $60+ per month.

What real people are saying (Life Time Fitness reviews, pros & cons)

Life Time Fitness has been a place I have worked out a few times, and it is something that I really love.

Don’t take my word for it.

Here are the top takeaways from reading hundreds of Life Time Fitness reviews written by real people across the country.


Equipment Selection

This place has it all!

It can be very aggravating to use the ONE dumbbell set or power rack in other gyms.

Life Time will usually not have this problem.

It has plenty of everything, but it can get very crowded at peak hours.


It can be difficult to find childcare at a gym for children.

There are so many stories of disgusting conditions and absent-minded employees that I have heard.

Life Time is different. Parents who have used the Kids Academy consistently share positive comments.

Class Schedule

Life Time is a great option for those who enjoy group fitness classes.

They have the best instructors, schedules, and variety.

Although the membership fee is high, if you are taking pilates, spin or yoga classes outside of class, it might be worth it.



It’s true.

You will need to pay more than $60 per month for the minimum membership.

This is about twice the price of some competitors.

Although the value is amazing, it might not be the best place for you if you have a tight budget.

You can get a great workout in far more affordable places.

Sales staff may be pushy

Life Time customers are highly valuable with prices like these.

I have heard many people complain about the pushiness of sales and front desk staff. They can use aggressive sales tactics, or make it difficult to cancel.

Family atmosphere

You might consider moving away if you don’t like being around children (which I can understand as a parent).

This childcare center is often in use. The outdoor pool is full of families at most locations.

You can find a calmer atmosphere for adults only elsewhere.

Alternatives to Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is a great option, but it is not the only one.

If you shop around, almost all the LTF products can be purchased for half the price.

I love LA Fitness.

My monthly cost is about $35-40. I live in an area that has nearly everything I mentioned above, except for the outdoor pool or water slide.

(OK, no salon!)

LA Fitness locations can be difficult to find. Some are outdated dumps while others are very well-maintained.

If you are looking for an affordable option with great equipment and amenities, they might be a good choice.

Here’s my complete LA Fitness vs Life Time Fitness breakdown.

Wrapping Up

Life Time Fitness is it worth it?

It is difficult to know.

The value and amenities are great, but the price is too high.

Life Time offers a lot for the buck if you plan to use the outdoor pool and group fitness classes a lot.

Look elsewhere if you are looking for a place to exercise at a reasonable price and don’t want all the bells and whistles.


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