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Faster Way To Fat Loss Meal Plan


Faster way to fat loss is a very popular virtual weight loss program.

I don’t know what to say except that people will find new ways of punishing themselves for the way they look or eat.

Faster Way to Fat Loss is a hilarious program. It takes the core nutrition truths and adds insane diets or diets to it.

It’s difficult to find an objective Faster Method To Fat Loss review online.

Are there faster ways to lose weight?

Each diet is unique and not all diets are the best.

Let’s not forget that Faster Ways To Fat Loss is not a diet.

Amanda Tress, a certified nutrition coach who also created Faster Way, is a personal trainer and certified nutrition coach. It also includes a microbiologist and a naturopath, as well as an ex-Mr. Universe who has a PhD in nutrition counseling. In real life, this credential is not actually available.

Minimum, not from a highly-respected, accredited institution

Faster Method To Fat Loss isn’t an MLM, but it does use ‘coaches’ to sell their product.

It’s amazing that coaches can complete the program, and then pay $3000-$5000 to be designated as a coach. This certificate comes with a non-accredited certificate.

These people are entitled to assist Faster Way clients with their nutrition and weight loss goals.

Does a company allow people to buy their way into taking care of the health and well-being of others? But wait!

MLM Coaches, even though FWTFL isn’t technically an MLM, can be dangerous AF. They are one of the most dangerous parts of these programs.

How can you lose fat faster?

This 6-week program includes 3 diets: macro counting and intermittent fasting.

There is good science and research surrounding IF weight loss. Some people find it easier than others to follow IF.

Macro-counting can be used to make sure you get a certain percentage of carbs, fats and protein. Log everything you eat in MyFitnessPal.

Personal macros are based on height, weight, activity level and history.

Macro counting is problematic for me as it assumes all calories are equal. This is absurd. Faster way to fat loss encourages whole foods so macro counting is an option. FWTFL focuses on diet quality.

Although macro counting is not for everyone, it’s a good thing.

Carb cycling simply means that you alternate between high-carb or low-carb days to maximize the carbs’ benefits for weight loss and training.

If you have a tough workout, you will eat more carbs. This is because it replenishes glycogen and provides energy for your activity.

This theory states that your body will burn more fat as fuel. It may not be happening if you don’t consume enough carbs for a prolonged time.

Humans do not believe that carb cycling can help with weight loss or improve health.


A week’s worth of FWTFL includes two low-carb meals (under 50g each day), three regular macro days, and two low macro days (25% less each macro).

Feast days are two occasions a month when calories can be increased by approximately 400.

Each day, you get an 8:16 fast. The program says that you can do this as many times as you want. You can also do 24-hour fasts once a month.

It seems like everything is well managed. It is laid out in precise numbers, which I like. However, Faster Way members who spoke to me said that it was intuitive. But you must first “nail” the macros and numbers.

She did tell me that her coach told her not to focus on the scale wins but to concentrate on her mental attitude and mental health


The claims:

I could go on about all the claims about this diet. But, I will try my best to keep it as simple as possible.

FWTFL cites a variety of mouse studies to support its claims, especially regarding intermittent fasting. She didn’t explain how it all works and cited a mouse experiment as proof.

FWTFL asserts that intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss even if calories are not restricted. FWTFL cites mouse research to back up the claim.

Intermittent fasting can cause a shortage of calories. It is not recommended that you fast and then eat a lot.

TheFWTFL claims that intermittent fasting increases our life expectancy. People cannot make factual claims even if they aren’t.

Tress is correct about some aspects of this diet. Insulin levels drop when you fast intermittently. Intermittent fasting can also preserve muscle mass and lead to weight loss.

She opposes cutting calories too low or eliminating carbs altogether. It was great that she did this.

How about the Faster Way to Fat Loss?

FWTFL recommends a low-carb diet and whole foods. Some of the recommendations are a little too vague.

The first to criticize dairy and gluten.

FASTer Way emphasizes clean eating. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program encourages clients to eat mostly gluten-free, as gluten products can be genetically modified. This can lead to digestive discomfort, pains, and inflammation.

Okay, but GMOs are not known to cause any adverse effects on people. The claim is made based on no evidence.

Some talk has been made about milk:

It is clear that cow’s milk cannot be used for babies.

Cows milk their babies the same way as humans. Human mothers have the perfect nutrition for their child.

We don’t give our babies milk from cows.

FWTFL continues to spread fear-mongering information. This includes how milk is high on hormones and antibiotics, how it causes osteoporosis and hip fractures, as well as other ridiculous facts.

While this is all nonsense, it is common rhetoric among antidairy advocates.

You don’t have to stop eating dairy.

Faster Method to Flushe Toxins

A few pages of The Faster Way To Fat Loss book are dedicated to adrenal fatigue. It isn’t a real condition. It is a false belief.

This program lists symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Actual doctors know that adrenal fatigue is BS.

The FASTer Method methodology involves a 24-hour fast that allows your body to rest and digest nutrients.

This is total nonsense. It’s crazy.

“Fasting is natural detoxing. Fasting can be used as a natural detox. It is important to drink plenty of water. This allows the body’s natural detox process to continue.

No. We aren’t toilets. You don’t need to flush any toxins.

Don’t drink diet! Artificial sweeteners, even wine, tell your body to stop burning calories.


The crowning glory of Faster Ways to Fat Loss?

They encourage pregnant and postpartum/breastfeeding women to follow the program. FWTFL strongly recommends that breastfeeding mothers eat a gluten- and dairy-free diet throughout the process. The program also discusses how they can maintain their milk supply, in case they are concerned about eating too soon after giving birth.

Excuse me?

I can’t do it.

I am a mother to two children and have counselled hundreds upon women after giving birth.

Although milk supply is vital, Being kind to your baby and not pushing your baby to lose weight quickly is what Is all about normalizing your postpartum body.

FWTFL offers another gem: Teenagers are allowed to participate in the program only with parental and doctor approval.

OMFG. It’s possible that my soul has just burst.

This junk food would be forbidden for my 13-year old daughter to eat if I were dead.

Okay, I’m done.

What can I do to lose weight quicker?

They are. They are.

The Faster Way To Fat Loss It works because it lowers calories moderately while improving diet quality…and because there’s THREE EFFING DIETS at once

I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to oppress others with three different diets, tracking and counting.

There are some people who enjoy the discipline of it. I don’t think it is worth it.

You’re listening. Faster way to fat loss may be right for your needs if you are obsessed about losing weight and counting calories.

You may lose touch with your intuition by reducing numbers. You may lose touch with your inner cues if you drill down to numbers.

This might be hard for laypeople to understand.

Because of the intense AF, I would not recommend this program. This program is unlikely to be sustainable long-term for most people.


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