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Bryan Clay, an Olympic athlete, quit competing in international competitions years ago and struggled to find a workout that met his needs.

Clay, a 2008 Summer Olympics gold medalist in decathlon, says that most of what I saw was a one size fits all model. That was not what I liked. “I felt that there had to be something else.”

Clay came up with Eat The Frog Fitness in 2017. This concept he co-created with Joe Culver (CEO of Thrive Community Fitness) and TCF Franchising Inc. combines the best of personal training with group fitness. The company has seen tremendous growth since its inception, which was less than two years ago. There are currently seven locations and there are more than 40 in the pipeline.

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The Ashburn location for Eat the Frog Fitness, owned and operated by Julie and Travis Green, celebrated its grand opening on Dec. 5. There was live music, food, spirits, and Clay and Culver also made an appearance.

The Greens began their journey with Eat the Frog last October when Julie, who had been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years, was considering opening her own studio. She wanted to offer group exercise and personal coaching to clients in NoVA.

Julie says that the name was what initially drew me to the program, but then it was about the workouts. It is accessible to a wide range of people, and it truly is suitable for everyone from the novice to the elite athlete. Because it is planned, the training produces results. It’s easy to go in and do it, and you can see the results.

The qualified coaches at every Eat the Frog location work with you to design a custom eight-week training program. This can be put into practice in the small-sized group exercises classes either in person or online. Members can choose from a range of functional strength workouts at the Ashburn location. They are both low-impact and high-intensity.

Travis says, “I am not the fitness expert my wife is so I was looking for a routine that I could do.” “I have played football my whole life, but I am getting older and I need something different. It was incredible. I could do it all. It was motivating and I believe that it will be a great motivation for others in the area.

The Greens already had nearly 300 members when the studio opened in November. This number continues to grow steadily since then. Julie says that Eat the Frog’s emphasis on building community through exercise is a key reason why it is so popular.

Julie says, “We wanted this community to have a specialized experience through exercise.” Julie says, “We wanted to give this neighborhood this specialized experience through fitness.”


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