Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster


Many people are curious to know what might change during pregnancy. Temporarily, many things can change during pregnancy. For example, how you ride your bike or highlight your hair. This is especially true when it comes to what you put on your dinner plates.

Lobster is regarded as the pinnacle luxury dining. Therefore, it may seem that lobster should be allowed to be enjoyed with wine, deli meats, and soft cheeses. As long as safety precautions are taken, this delicious seafood can be eaten during pregnancy. Find out more about safe eating lobster during pregnancy.

Eating Lobster During Pregnancy

Lobster is a delicious choice for prenatal diets. Christine Naze, RD CDE is a clinical nutritionist at Oregon Health Sciences University Center for Women’s Health. She states that lobster tastes great.

Lobster is a low-mercury seafood. It is therefore important to properly store, prepare, and cook lobster. This applies to fresh lobster as well as frozen lobster, whether you are eating at home or in a restaurant.

Every pregnancy is different. Consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions about eating lobster during pregnancy.

Is it safe?

According the Diana E. Ramos, OBGYN adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medical in Los Angeles, cooked lobster is safe to eat for both parents and babies throughout pregnancy.

The health benefits of eating lobster while pregnant

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women continue to eat fish. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has specifically listed 1 lobster on its “Best Choices List” for seafood consumption during pregnancy. It is low in mercury and offers nutritional benefits. 2

Dr Ramos states that shellfish and fish are great sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acid and vitamins. Lobster also contains copper, selenium and zinc as well as vitamin B12, vitamin E, and phosphorous.

Safety precautions

You can eat lobster while pregnant. Safety guidelines are necessary to reduce the risk of illness and other hazards in the environment.

Food Handling

Simple cooking rules are important for seafood. Dr Ramos states that the best recommendations are to ensure proper storage and verify the expiration date. A second food safety precaution is to make sure lobsters are cooked at an internal temperature of between 145 to 160 degrees.

Lobster can quickly spoil so it is best to keep it alive. It is best to prepare lobster immediately after purchasing it. Fresh lobster is better than a dead one. The shell should be smooth and not squishy or off-smelling.

It is important to cook the lobster meat until it becomes white and firm. You can freeze lobster cooked or precooked, but the lobster’s quality is not always preserved well if it is kept for too long.

Environmental Hazards

Before you buy lobster, make sure you verify the origin. Dr. Ramos recommends that you learn about local fish advisories because there may be contaminants in the water. Make sure you are eating lobster or seafood from clean waters. You can find this information by calling your local fishmonger or restaurant, as well as online.

Birth defects have been linked with high mercury levels in fish. Dr. Ramos says. 2 Lobster is low-risk because of its mercury content.


Dr. Ramos suggests that pregnant women eat lobster safely. Cook the lobster until it becomes translucent and pearly.

Dr. Ramos stated that the recommended daily intake of fish should be between 8-12 ounces per day.

One Word From Our Side

You can eat lobster even if you are pregnant. It is safe to eat lobster while pregnant. As long as the shellfish has been fully cooked, it is safe to consume during pregnancy. If you have questions about eating lobster while pregnant, consult a healthcare professional.


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